Wow! What a week!!

Where to start?  I went to work on Monday, but worried about the weather all day.  It had started sleeting at 9:00.  On my first break, I scurried about like a rat picking up everything on my shopping list so I could pay for it when I took my lunch break and take it out to the car so I could leave quickly.  Clocked out for lunch and discovered that I had left my wallet in the purse I had taken to the birthday party on Saturday.  No problem.  I keep a credit card hidden away in my lunch box just for these occasions.  Got up to the check out lane and had all of my stuff on the belt when I looked at the card and realized it had expired in October!  Good news?  I don’t have to use it very often.  Bad news?  I had no way to pay for my groceries.  Good news?  I caught it before the checker got to them.  Bad news?  I had to put all of them back on the shelf.  It took me a lot longer to put them back on the shelf than it had to take them off.   So, I ate lunch and went back to work.

The store was really busy.  All the fresh French and Italian bread was off the shelf by 10:00.  Not so much business for cakes, thank goodness.  The weather wasn’t improving so we closed the bakery at 4:00 and I headed for home.  Quite a bit of ice and slush made for slow going.  It took me an hour to get home, and I was glad to be there. 

I might have been able to get to work on Tuesday, but the forecast was terrible, so I called in.  We let our older dog come in the house at night during the winter, but Tuesday, we let her come back in right away.  She thought that was a good idea.

Lady voicing her opinion about coming inside

A few minutes later, we decided that we would have to do something about the other two dogs.  They could go to the barn and snuggle up in the hay, but were afraid they would miss something.  Here’s what Gonzo looked like out on the porch.

Gonzo in the snow

We took their boxes and shook out the snow, then moved them into the garage.  It got them out of the wind and kept off the snow.  They came out for a few minutes later in the afternoon, but went right back in.  It wasn’t too cold at this point, but the wind was blowing the snow everywhere. 

Snow in the window

This is my most interesting snow picture.  This is inside my laundry room window.  We don’t have it locked down tight because it is the window where we have the monitor for our remote thermometer and the wire for the prob goes to the outside.  The wind was strong enough to force the snow under the almost shut window and up onto the window sill. 

The other strange thing that happened,  was snow in the dryer.  My dryer vents to the same side of the house as this window.  When I opened the dryer door, there was snow on top of the lint trap! 

I called in to work on Tuesday.  They had closed the bakery anyway, so I wasn’t needed.  Did some work on the computer in the morning, then started a download while I fixed lunch.  Soon after lunch,the lights began flickering, then they went off for just a few seconds, but it was enough to disconnect the computer.  It restarted by itself, so I didn’t think too much of it.  I did turn it off because the lights were flickering a lot by this time. 

That was the story for the afternoon.  More blowing snow and the lights flickering and then going out as the power lines touched and shorted out.  But they always came back on.  I went downstairs to my sewing machine and worked on another table runner.  Here’s the one I finished on Tuesday.

Giddy for Moda rag quilted table runner, mat, and coasters.

When I took a break Tuesday evening, I turned the computer back on and tried to get back online, but nothing happened.  The computer worked fine, but no internet.  Too late to worry about it then, so snuggled up and went to bed.

Wednesday morning the snow has stopped and the wind isn’t howling anymore.  We ended up with 12 to 14 inches of snow with lots of 2 foot drifts and some deeper ones.  No going anywhere on Wednesday.  Hubby did dig us out, but the county road wasn’t plowed. 

My first project was tried to figure out what was wrong with my computer.  Called my ISP provider and it looked like it was a poor connection that wasn’t allowing me to get through.   I must have my modem plugged into a phone jack since I still have dial-up.  I dug around and found some new phone wires, but none long enough to reach from my phone, which is downstairs to my computer which is upstairs.  (I know.  We are way behind the curve when it comes to technology!)

So it was back to the sewing machine to finish another runner set. 

Table runner set in Dream On for Moda

This table runner, table mat, and set of coasters in made from the Dream On collection for Moda.  I love the spring colors. 

I finally got a call from my ISP that it wasn’t my computer after all.  There was an issue with the phone lines at a switching station.  So last night I was busy playing catch up on the computer and trying to set Etsy listings up, Etsy.  Everything seems to be working fine except Facebook.  I can open it, but not post or leave comments.  I’ll have to deal with that later. 

The mail truck was able to get through today and delivered five more sets of Moda collections that I had ordered.  Now I really have my work cut out for me.  I have done some cleaning since I’ve been home all week, but not too much!  I wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. 

Sorry if I have missed you in the confusion.  I’m still here!  Just have a lot going on right now.  I’m sure you know the feeling.  Stay warm and dry!


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13 Responses to Wow! What a week!!

  1. I have been home since Sunday because of this weather. I could have maybe gotten out of here on Monday, but I do not know if I would have made it home simply because of the ice they got, the closer you went to St. Louis. (My sister’s Cell Phone Repair store is in Creve Coeur). The same thing was pretty much true of Tuesday too, I probably could have gotten out but I would have never made it back home, we were just getting too much snow up here.

    Tuesday evening I tried to do a little preemptive shoveling so that I would not have to dig in much deeper stuff. After an hour of just clearing a path to the driveway and then a small path along the driver’s side of my car, I had had enough. Between the wind and the snow/sleet that we still coming down, I was bitter cold and soaked.

    Yesterday afternoon I went out and spent another 2 hours shoveling. First I had to re-shovel everything I had done on Tuesday (fortunately not as deep) and then I was able to start working all the way around the car. Then I began working on the driveway. I was not getting very far, there was just so much snow to shovel. Finally a neighbor was able to come and plow my driveway with his tractor. I just wanted to give him a big hug for remembering me. I had called him earlier and he was not able to help because his own tractor was blocked in the barn, he had to wait until his brother came over from his farm to clear a path. Once he was able to get his own tractor out then he had to dig out both his truck and his wife’s SUV and finish the rest of his driveway that his brother had started. So I was really surprised when he showed up. It was really good timing because I had cleared a nice safe buffer zone in front of the cars so he did not have to get too close with his tractor. He was pretty tired already so I did not expect him to do much more than a one car size swipe of the driveway. But he did more, he almost made it 2 cars wide, but not quite, and he even dug out a little area so that we could make a zigzag turn around in our own driveway rather than try and turn our cars around on the road. I have such great neighbors.

    This morning I woke to frozen pipes. After much research I have discovered that my heat tape died and I probably accidentally turned off the faucet we leave running, when I filled the cats’ water bowl before I went to bed. Now I am going to have to make a trip to Wentzville to get some new heat tape and insulation at Lowe’s or Home Depot and work on fixing that tomorrow. ( I am not going to try to do it tonight because by time I get in to town and then start the drive back it will be too dark to be safe on our windy roads. Plus I am going to have to crawl under the deck and the house to work on this and I want to do as much of the work as I can in the day light)

    So it would seem that we have both had our share of problems due to the crazy weather. Oh yeah did you see Maureen’s comment about the freezing cold temps they are having in Az? She even had some water pipes freeze and her husband is going to have to repair them.

  2. Oh my Goodness I just saw how long that comment was, sorry for rambling so much.

    • I don’t mind. It was good to hear from you. Glad you survived all right, although I’m glad I didn’t have to be the one to shovel all the snow. Hope you can get your water fixed. I left one of our faucets on a little bit last night, too. We had about 10 below this morning. I noticed that Maureen had water problems, too. When I talked to my daughter in Houston on Tuesday or Wednesday morning, it was the same temp there as it was here: 20! Only to her it felt very cold, and to us it wasn’t too bad! They were having rolling brown outs because of the cold temps.

      I’m glad your neighbor came over to help you with your drive. Paul went out Wednesday morning and did our driveway, then out lane, then our drive before going over to his brother’s and digging him out. All this with his tractor and blade on a tractor with a warm cab, so he wasn’t suffering. Then he went down our road and up to our neighbor’s house.

      He wanted me to go out and take pictures, but I was waiting for Socket to call me back about my internet connection, so I didn’t go. And my Facebook page is finally behaving. Don’t know what the problem was.

      Are you going to work tomorrow? I’m scheduled from 10:00 til 7:00, so I think I can make it even though the county road is only about a lane and a half clear. If I meet someone and have to get over, I may be in trouble.

  3. I can’t look at that dog picture without my heart breaking. Perhaps not everyone will agree but to me that’s abusive.

    • It may look cruel, but he is used to being out in much colder weather. The snow wasn’t even melting. And he had only been there for a few minutes. He and his sister both have their winter coats on. They went out today in below zero weather and laid out on the snow! We do take good care of them, feeding them extra in cold weather and making sure they have open water to drink. They are just like all the other animals, like wild animals, who survive just fine in cold weather.

      • That’s some relief to hear …

      • My border collie/akita mix looked like that the other day. I decided it was time to bring everyone in because it had been snowing for a while. The dogs all have access to the area under the deck, and several dog houses (multiple ones for variety), and they do use them, but if they are not ready to they will stay out in the rain or snow. So even though I thought it was silly, I was not surprised to see my dog come to the door all covered in snow, it had even froze to some of her shaggy coat.

        It is amazing how much the dogs are not bothered by the elements.

        • My daughter in St. Louis has a couple of huskies. They are loving this weather. We don’t have dog houses since the dogs always sleep on the screened in porch that is on the east side of the house. It is usually out of the wind, but not the other day. The black dogs sleep on the porch all day, but go into the garage at night. We let Lady come in because she has some health problems, although she doesn’t show it most of the time.

  4. Aussie Emjay says:

    I love the photo of Gonzo in the snow. There is a dog down the street from me and although there is a “dog door” for it to go into the house he much prefers to lie out on their deck in all weather except sleet and ice. He doesn’t want to miss out on any of the activity in our alley!

    • That’s our two, too. Except there isn’t as much excitement around here as there is in your alley! Do things slow down a tad in bad weather? How much snow do you have on the ground now?

      • Aussie Emjay says:

        LOL – yes, the open air drug market does slow down in the colder months! 🙂 There’s only a bit of snow on grassy areas in the city now – more in the outskirts. I think we are forecast to get a bit more on Thursday……

  5. Puppylove says:

    Love your blogs and table runners. Can’t wait to tell my cuz in AZ about it and have her take a look. She is newby to quilting as I am. Only she has done some really spectacular works where mine still looks like a beginner.

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