Table runners and baby blanket for Etsy

I was stuck on the computer most of the day today.  I should keep up with our tax records all year, but I almost always leave it until the last minute.  Today was the day.  And I had worked on them Thursday night, too.  I did take time to make sure I’m up to date with this year, plus I’m trying to do a better job of keeping track of my own expenses and income this year, too. 

Tomorrow will be the third anniversary of my shop on Etsy.  Congratulations, Country By Design!  And last month was my best month ever.  I’m looking forward to a good year. 

Right now, I’m working on three projects.  I finished this baby blanket featuring the Lily and Will collection from Moda tonight.  It just needs to be washed. 

Lily and Will baby blanket

I’ll list it on Etsy just as soon as I get it washed and dried. 

This Lumiere de Noel table runner is for a custom order.  I may have to order another set of this charm pack from Moda.  I like the way it works up. 

Lumiere de Noel table runner

One more.  I received a custom order for a rather large runner in random colors.  So I gathered up all the left over Moda squares that I had and added a few new ones, plus some odds and ends from my stash.  Here’s the way I have it laid out now.  I’ve revised it 5 or 6 times already.  I’m going to have to come up with something soon because I have it laid out on top of my freezer.  I can’t open the freezer door until I move the fabrics. 

Patchwork table runner

It is harder for me to lay out a design like this than one that is more structured.  I’m better at patterns than random!


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10 Responses to Table runners and baby blanket for Etsy

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    I like the random pattern as you have it now. When I’ve done photo collages/montages I’ve swapped things around a zillion times and then think “I think I like the way I first had it” LOL.

    • I know what you mean. I have discovered that taking a photo of an arrangement and looking at it on the computer sceen allows me to be more objective than when I’m looking at it on the table. Plus, I have to give it time. I only changed one or two pieces today. The customer I’m making it for likes it, too, so I think it’s a go. Glad you like it!

  2. Erin Michel says:

    Happy anniversary! Congrats!

    I’ve been lurking around since we moved from Vox, and sorry that I never comment! I enjoy seeing your progress on the lovies you’ve been doing.

    Really like the Moda fabrics in these.

    • Hi, Erin! Good to hear from you. I try to leave comments occasionally on all the blogs I read, but it doesn’t always happen. Glad to have you aboard.

      Thank you for your nice comments on my lovies. I do feel like I’ve upped the quality a step or two. The Lily and Will collection is really nice.

  3. lol@the top of the fridge! Looking at the last pic, myself, I’d shuffle those two adjoining green squares, far right, fifth up from the bottom. Also, I don’t particularly care for the the two browns (?) also far right, nine up from the bottom. I’d move that dark brown to the row below in the middle. I’m sure I could come up with other ideas but those are the ones that jump out to my eye.

    • I really appreciate your input. Sometimes I can’t see the forest for the trees. I did move one of the dark colors at top right to the middle where all the yellow/orange is. I need to switch the green on the left with the yellow above it. Thanks for pointing out those two errors. I may play around with it some more before I start putting it together on Wednesday.

  4. Feel free to post the next “draft” before you finalize it. I’m not too shy to say I’ve a very good eye — though I will say also that it is near impossible to suggest rearrangements in a comments box!

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