Random table runner (edited)

Re-arranged random table runner

Thanks to WordPress readers who commented on this random table runner design.  I did some more re-arranging this morning.  I’m happy with everything except the light floral square in the fourth row from the bottom.  I may just take it out and use a darker color there.  Any other suggestions?

I’ve started reading The Amish Way:  Patient Faith in a Perilous World.  I have been interested in the Amish since we moved to this area.  There is a large group of Amish that live just north of us.  When we were still putting up hay in small round bales, we would often hire an Amish crew to help us pick the hay up out of the field and store it in the barn. 

I’m off work today.  Want to finish the Lumiere de Noel table runner that I started on Sunday.  Better hop to it.  It won’t get done on the computer!


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4 Responses to Random table runner (edited)

  1. No. I like this even less than the previous! Most of the browns are lined up in one column. This pattern feels forced/artificially created to me. There’s little flow. My suggestion: “Deregiment” the browns.

    • I saw what you saw when I looked at it again. So I made some more moves. I did take another picture, but I didn’t get up here with my camera. I have four or five rows stitched and really like the way it is coming together.

  2. Curious to see the final product!

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