More Country By Design success!

I just finished packaging the latest Lumiere de Noel runner so it will be ready to go to its new home tomorrow.  I hope a little bit of the love I put into it will go with it to its new owner. 

Three busy days at work last week getting ready for Valentine’s Day.  I didn’t know/had forgotten that Valentine’s Day was a huge shopping holiday.  We were selling everything with Valentine’s Day messages/designs, including t-shirts for guys.  Back in bakery, we made racks of cookies, cakes, and cupcakes.  It will be interesting to see if it all sells.  I don’t work again until Tuesday. 

My hubby is having issues with his esophagus again.  He decided this week to go back on the Adkins diet to lose weight, but it isn’t soft-food friendly.  It isn’t looking good.  He hasn’t been able to eat or drink anything today. 

Country By Design table runner with random squares

Here’s the random table runner that I have been working on.  This is the first five rows with the picture taken from the left hand side instead of the original orientation. 
I had enough squares left over from laying out this runner that I decided to make a set of place mats, too. 

Country By Design place mats lay out


This is a set of four place mats, with three rows in each set.  I can see already that I need to move one of the dark squares in the second row. 
Okay, I’ll go move some squares around and stitch some more of the table runner squares together.  In this case, I’m stitching each row onto the runner as I go to keep from getting them mixed up. 
Much warmer today.  The snow is trying to leave, but we still have lots of it piled around. 

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