Finally finished!

I finally finished the table runner that I have been talking about forever!  See what you think.  I like the way it turned out.

Country By Design table runner

Now to get it listed on Etsy!


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6 Responses to Finally finished!

  1. Erin Michel says:

    Love it!
    I think I want to make some something like this to get back into quilting; it is so easy!

  2. It sure takes on a different look with the fuzzies! I see a couple spots I’d redo but all in all the pattern layout is improved over the earlier versions.

    • Yes, I saw a couple of places that I should have worked on a bit more, like right in the middle where there are 3 yellow squares together, but sometimes I think it is better not to be perfect. It adds more character. Thanks for helping with the layout. I worked on another one today. I need help with it, too!

  3. yancunyong says:

    Your artwork is always colorful and beautiful!! Great!

    • Thank you so much. Doesn’t it remind you of a beautiful garden? Unfortunately, I don’t have time to take pictures of anything except my quilting, but that is a good problem to have! When things slow down again, I’ll work on my photography.

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