Another Country By Design sale on Etsy

I finished the bright table runner that I had started last time, and sold it in just a few minutes.  But it was a custom order.  She had liked the English Garden runner, but I didn’t have enough squares to make another one exactly the same, so I tried to repeat the effect.  My first attempt (last post) had too much orange and stripes. 

Here’s the edited version. 

Table runner using Chrysalis collection by Moda


This is what it looked like before I washed it.  By the time I got it washed, the only place in my house with enough light to take a photo was the bathroom, so I had to hang it instead of laying it out flat. 

English Garden, version 2

I used most of the Chyrsalis Collection from Moda, as well as some orange batik, sunflowers, and dark blue squares from my stash.  I still have a few green squares and orange squares, but I think I’ll just hold on to them.

While I was waiting for the washing machine, I laid out another Moda collection, Me and My Sister Favorites.  It looks and feels entirely different from the English Garden runners.

Me & My Sister Favorites for Moda

I can see already that I need to even up the distribution of the white squares.  They actually have small dots in the same colors as the other squares.  The plaids and the Strawberry Shortcake squares are from my stash.

I volunteered to work for someone tomorrow, so I won’t be home, but then I only have two days scheduled next week.  Yeah!  Sewing machine, here I come!!


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