Latest happenings at Country By Design

Sunday was a busy day at work.  I hadn’t worked a Sunday since Thanksgiving weekend, but that doesn’t count.  I had forgotten how many people come in a pick up a cake out of the case on a Sunday.

Monday was a lot of sewing.  I’m working on a table runner with 4 inch squares so it takes a lot longer.  Plus the front and the back is alternating squares, which also takes longer.  I did finish it today, except for the borders.  I wasn’t sure about the colors for the borders, so I made a couple of mini quilts to try out a couple of options.  By the time I had finished that, it was time to fix dinner, and tonight has been computer night.  Had to clean off my desk and pay bills. 

I didn’t have my camera downstairs today, but here’s half of the table runner from last night.

Lavender table runner

It will be Thursday before I can finish it.  I’m working late again tomorrow.

It has been cold here again.  No snow, but bone chilling cold cloudy weather.  Thank goodness I’m too busy to pay much attention. 

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with all my WordPress neighbors.  You aren’t forgotten.  You just aren’t at the top of my list right now.  I do value your input on my ideas.


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