Suppertime and I’m not cooking!

I need to get to the kitchen, but I want to get this posted first.  We are in line for some severe weather later which will mean no computer. 

I did a lot of computer work today, getting the mini rag quilt listed on Etsy, and a few odds and ends listed on eBay.  We had 59 degrees here this afternoon so most of the snow is gone.  We even had a few minutes of sunshine.  Just cloudy now.

Here’s a couple of pictures of the mini quilt so you can see how the pink fabrics on the back contribute to the overall design.

lavender mini quilt

And here’s a close-up.

Close-up of mini quilt

The bright pink print has different colors of butterflies.  The white fabric has hot pink dots.  You can see more photos at

Now I’d best get to the kitchen!


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