I’m still here!

Lavender Dreams rag quilted baby blanket

Sorry I have been out of touch for so long.  Between my hubby’s health issues, work, and computer problems, I’ve neglected my WordPress neighbors.  I have been reading your posts, I just haven’t been commenting.  Thanks to all you loyal posters!  I enjoy keeping up with you. 

I have been very busy with my Country By Design work, too.  This lavender baby blanket is my latest project.  It is a custom order, but I’m not sure it is exactly what she is looking for.  Guess I’ll find out!  I still have orders for two more table runners, but one is for fall and the other is for Christmas, so I don’t have to work on them right away. 

It looks like spring here.  I did go out one day and take pictures of the first daffodil and crocus.  And I cleaned out the big flower bed.  Now hubby tells me it’s time to plant garden.  Only problem is I’m working for the next four days including today.  Then on Wednesday, I’m going with him for his first two tests that he has to have before they will schedule his surgery.  Right now we are looking at the first week of May for the surgery, so he is getting things lined up to be away for home for awhile. 

I’ll try not to be gone so long, and to do a better job of keeping in touch.  Sorry if I don’t get around to commenting on your posts.  Hang in there!


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