Three hours worth of cookies

I haven’t baked anything in a blue moon, but I promised to bring dessert to the party on Sunday.  I had planned to pick up some mini cupcakes from work tomorrow, but since I was home today, I got ambitious and spent the afternoon making cookies.  If you will be at the shin-dig on Sunday, you can take a look now and decide which one(s) you want to sample first. 

Chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies

These come pretty close to being kitchen sink cookies.  They have chocolate chunks, oatmeal, dried cranberries, and coconut.  All the good stuff.  Plus you can take your pick of the crisp edges or the chewy center. 

Peanut butter oatmeal cookies

I don’t know how to make cookies that don’t have at least one healthy thing in them.  These have oatmeal, cranberries, and peanut butter.  I know it sounds like a strange combination, but give them a try.

No bake chocolate cookies

And finally, some gluten free ones that I can eat!  Chocolate and oatmeal no bakes.  Super easy to make and no flour.  I had just put these out on the paper to dry, so they are till shiny.  These are a big hit when I make them for the kids at camp. 

I may still pick up a couple of packs of mini cupcakes, just to make sure.  Sounds like we are going to have a crowd.  Hope the rain holds off until evening!


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2 Responses to Three hours worth of cookies

  1. yancunyong says:

    They look sooooo delicious!! I envy the member of the party and kids at the camp.
    Did you take these photos with natural lights? Your technique of table shots is great!

    • Yes, I used natural light. I have windows that face the south. It was slightly overcast that day. I moved things so they were not in the direct sunlight. Also, I have a setting on my camera that adds a soft warm tint to things. I use it a lot. The cookies were a big hit. Good to hear from you! I enjoy your posts, but don’t take time to make many comments.

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