Mystery Flower

Angel of the weeds

Mystery wildflower

We had one day last week when it wasn’t raining and the sun was shining.  I took my camera and walked down to the lake to get a picture of an orange wildflower.  I planted a package of wildflower seeds in this area several years ago.  Wish I knew what this is.  I rather like it.  Anyone?

I didn’t get pics of very many spring blooms this year.  The daffodils and the tulips are past their prime.  The crabapple tree lost all its blooms in one of our storms.  The wind and the rain has been hard on everything except the weeds.  And since there is a shortage of flowers, I started taking shots of the weeds.  This one is rather interesting.  Sorry the photos are in the wrong places.  I seem to have forgotten how to insert photos!


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1 Response to Mystery Flower

  1. Howdy CbD – We’ve been neighbors a long time, dating back to Vox. Since you rarely blog and haven’t visited my blog for a long while, I’m “deneigboring” you. I wanted to say goodbye and thanks for the memories.
    Best of luck to you,
    Waterbaby aka allycat

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