Flower photos

It is so nice to be home and taking pictures of my flowers again.  These were taken last night just before dark. 

Pink geraniumsThese pink geraniums are part of the mini landscaping that I created just outside my back door. Geraniums and petuniasI tried loading all my pictures up to Flickr, but that didn't work, so I'm loading them one at a time. It was hot enough here today that we finally turned on the air conditioner. It was 94 about 2:00 pm. It wouldn't have been so bad but I was baking cookies and had the oven turned on. Purple petunia

We had gotten just a brief shower of rain, but it was enough to leave drops of water on the petals.
Yellow lily

I had planted these last year, but they didn’t bloom because a cow ate them off.  I had forgotten about them and couldn’t figure out what they were when they started coming up this year.  I planted 6 dahlias this spring but only 2 of them have come up.  And I stepped on one of those!  I’m hoping for great things from them. 

Don’t know how all of that got on center align, but ….whatever.  I’ve been trying to get my desk cleaned off while my pictures loaded.  It’s amazing how much junk can pile up in a month.  I did find my jury duty notice that should have been mailed back weeks ago!  Hope I don’t get locked up.  LOL
Hubby had a good day today.  I just let him eat what he was hungry for.  Which meant we both had cookies and milk for lunch!  More meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner with fresh beets out of our garden.  It was so good.  If I can just eat smaller portions like he does, I should lose weight.  So far, he has gained a couple of pounds, but his doctor doesn’t want him losing weight while he is healing.  He wouldn’t mind losing another 1o or so. 
He is still very short of breath and doesn’t have any energy at all, but what he went through is about like getting run over by a Mack truck and then getting pneumonia on top of that.  Plus even if you didn’t have major surgery and pneumonia, just laying around for a month will take most of your muscles away. 
Still need to log his calories for today.  It is hard to do when he snacks around, but that is the best way for him to eat.  About 1/2 cup of food fills him up.