Flower photos and surgery updates

My hubby had another barium swallow test this morning and he passed with flying colors. As far as swallowing is concerned, he can eat anything! He thought they were going to do a swallowing test to see what happens after he swallows, but they didn’t. He goes back to talk to his GI doctor next week. He still has to see the hemotologist this week, and the eye doctor. No rest for the wicked!

2011_06_20 - flowers 009

This petunia has the most stunning color. They were barely blooming when I bought them, so it was hard to tell, but I got lucky with this one. I love it!

2011_06_20 - flowers 007

I always have wild onions coming up in my flower bed and I never get all of them pulled out. They do have an interesting bloom, don’t you think?
2011_06_20 - flowers 002

My first day lily of the year. I thought the lighter colors bloomed first, but I guess not!

I’m going to look for more of these next year. They don’t have flowers, but the leaves are so pretty that they don’t need them.
2011_06_20 - flowers 004.JPG - wild onion for Flickr

Here’s how my little landscaping effort is coming along. I like the combination of colors and textures.
2011_06_20 - flowers 006
2011_06_20 - flowers 001

I couldn’t let the opportunity pass by. I just had to print this petunia with a water-color filter.

I have a to-do list a mile long for tomorrow, so I’d best get to bed so I can get up in the morning!

PS I can see that the captions didn’t stay with the proper pictures. It’s a puzzle. See if you can connect the captions to the right picture. Sorry, I’m too tired to try to fix it tonight!


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