Zucchini bread and table runners and coasters

Here’s a picture of my little loaves of zucchini bread.  I’ve made two batches and we have eaten most of it.  I need to make more, but I’m out of eggs.  Since I stopped working, I’m trying to get by with one trip to the store every week.  It’s going to take some getting used to.

2011_08_09 - nature 002

I finished this fall runner last week, and haven’t made anything else since. All of the squares are from the Saltbox Harvest collection for Moda.

2011_08_09 - nature 005

This photo was taken before I washed it to start the ragging process. My freezer makes a good lay-out surface!

While the runner was in the washer, I made these coasters from some of the leftover squares to send along as a thank you gift. The runner was a for a customer who already owns three of my runners. She wants one for all four seasons, so I’ll be making her a Christmas one soon.

2011_08_09 - nature 003

One of my granddaughters has been here since Sunday, so I have been spending a lot of time with her. She was making her own quilt while I laid out these squares.
2011_08_09 - nature 007

I like the melon and blue squares together, but I’m not sure about the light-colored striped ones on the end. I may take them (there is one at the other end, too) off and save them for another project.

2011_08_09 - nature 010

I had an order for a baby quilt in these pink and red fabrics, but I don’t have enough white ones. I ordered another piece of fabric today and I’m looking at a couple more on eBay.

Think I’m going to go make some apple crisp for dinner. We’ve been eating lots of sweet corn and fresh potatoes, as well as zucchini and tomatoes. I love to eat out of the garden!


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