New baby quilt with hearts

The past couple to days I have been working on a rag quilted baby quilt in fabrics with hearts.  I had a couple in my stash, but I had to place 5 or 6 orders on Etsy and eBay to get enough fabric to make this 36 by 48 inch quilt.  I usually just start cutting and stitching, but I had to do a little planning here to make sure I had enough fabric.  There will be 108 five inch squares of fabric with hearts on the front.  I also had to cut 216 five inch squares of flannel because I am using flannel for the backing and the batting.  Having four layers of flannel in each seam creates a really fluffy appearance.  It’s hard to tell what the finished quilt will look like from this photo, but at least you can see most of the fabrics.

Heart fabrics stitched into rows


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4 Responses to New baby quilt with hearts

  1. northernnarratives says:

    So very cute. Judy

  2. Freedom Smith says:

    It is lovely! What beautiful colors.

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