Preparing for cold weather

I got to do a little quilting yesterday, but not much.  It was finally cooler, in the 70s, so hubby and I headed to the woods to start cutting wood for this winter.  We heat totally with wood in a furnace with a blower so it heats the whole house.  I love it, even if it is a bit dirty.  The heat is so warm!

Anyway, we have a huge tree that blew over sometime recently that we are going to cut up for firewood.  He took the tractor with the loader and I took the RTV.  The RTV has a small dump bed.  He cut the limbs up into pieces that would fit in the furnace and I stacked them in the bed of the RTV.  When that was full, I started on the loader on the tractor.  I did wear sunglasses to keep the chips out of my eyes and shoes!  It was the first time I had worn shoes in two months.  My feet didn’t complain as much as I thought they would.  And I wore a pair of leather gloves with my shorts and T-shirt.  We got along fine until the chain saw ran out of gas, then it wouldn’t start again, so we came home.  Ate lunch out of the frig, then I made another batch of zucchini bread while he took a nap.

I did spend most of the afternoon working on my great-grandson’s quilt.  Made BLTs without the L for dinner then went back outside.  It was warmer, so we only took the RTV.  Filled up the bed.  This time I was careful about stacking the wood so we could get a good jag.  He didn’t cut anything over about five inches, and I didn’t try carrying anything over limbs on the ground.  I would throw the wood over and pick it up again.  I know I don’t pick my feet up very far!

It was still early when we got back, so we dumped the wood, then went down to the lake to feed the catfish.  I need to take my camera.  We have about 2 dozen that come up to eat every night.  They are all about the same size.  Their whiskers are amazing!  Gonzo got into the water with them, but he didn’t get too close.

I had picked up three mum plants on Monday, so I decided I should plant them.  I was waiting, hoping it would rain, but I gave up on that.  I got them planted and moved some day lilies and iris around, then I got out the hose and did some serious watering.  By the time I came in, I was ready for a shower and some down time!

I’m taking my sister-in-law to the eye doctor this morning, then to physical therapy this afternoon.  I still haven’t called the dentist.  Most of the filling has fallen out so it doesn’t bother me anymore, unless I move my tongue.  The rough edges are eating the side of my tongue!  I have a dentist appointment already scheduled for the 22nd of September, but I don’t think this can wait that long.  Need to go call!






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