Country By Design quilting

Gus' baby blanket

Rag quilted baby blanket

Here’s the rag quilted baby blanket that I made for my great-grandson.  His birthday is Thursday.  It is made entirely of fabrics that I had in my stash, so some are repeated and some are used only once.  I tried to use colors that had about the same value.
Knitted place mat

Rag knitted place mat

Here’s another project that I got out of the closet on Sunday.  I’ve made one set of these rag knitted place mats for a wedding gift, then started this set, but didn’t finish.  It is made by knitting with thin strips of fabric instead of yarn.  Colors and/or more “yarn” is added by tying on another strip.  This one is all muslin, flannel, and homespuns.

Five point star

I found some pictures of five point stars yesterday that made my start thinking.  I’m intrigued by this idea, but I’m not sure where to go with it.  The “points” are each made from a folded square.  I think I’m going to try to pull them in closer together and see what happens.
I made a roasted chicken tonight for dinner with stuffing and broccoli.  It really tasted good.  Some days I can’t taste my food at all, but today was different.  Even the grilled cheese I made for lunch tasted good.  And I made two more loaves of whole wheat bread.  It still doesn’t look pretty, but it sure tastes good.  We are about to finish off the Texas sheet cake that I made on Sunday.
I got a dentist appointment for tomorrow morning.  If I take Advil and keep my mouth shut, it doesn’t hurt too much.  My tooth doesn’t hurt at all, but so much of the filling has fallen out that there is nothing left but sharp edges.  Hope they will still be able to put a crown on it.
I’m trying to make a quilted scarf with denim and homespun.  I’m pretty happy with the way it is turning out.  I should be able to finish it tomorrow afternoon.
We got a little sprinkle of rain this evening.  Hope it was just the warm-up act for the main show!

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4 Responses to Country By Design quilting

  1. ladywise says:

    Love love love the baby quilt! What a nice birthday present! Sorry I haven’t been commenting much. I read a lot more than I have time to comment on these days. I’ve been so busy. I did manage to do a post this morning…lol.This job is taking all of my time. I know you know what retail is like.

    • So good to hear from you. Yes, I know how retail goes, and I wasn’t in management! Are you getting the store whipped into shape? I haven’t read your post yet. I know what you mean about commenting. There were days on end when I didn’t even get to read everything, much less comment.

      Glad you like the baby quilt. I had always thought they would be too much trouble to make, but I’m figuring it out. I do find myself tiring of the design before I get them finished! I still have to personalize the label.

  2. Freedom Smith says:

    What a gorgeous quilt! It is one of my favorites of the quilts you have displayed for us to see. I am so glad you could taste today. I had such excitement, today, when after 6 months time of no smell and no tasting flavors at all, I was able to taste the Arizona Peach Tea from Walgreens. I almost got out of my car and did the “happy dance!”

    • I’m going to have to try the Arizona Peach Tea. They used to make a sugar free peach tea powder that you could mix with water, but I haven’t seen any in a long time. So glad you were able to taste the tea. It does make eating so much more satisfying when you can taste and smell the food.

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