Caregiving, Part II

Perhaps caregiving of older relatives is getting some of the attention it deserves.  In the September/October issue of the AARP magazine, there are some interesting statistics about the number of households that are made up of one or more generations, a number which has been increasing steadily since 2000, but has really shot up in the last three years.  Now almost 1 in 10 households is made up of more than one generation.  Wonder how that compares to 50 years ago, or 80 years ago.

There is also information about a workshop sponsored by AARP and The Links that teaches women about caregiving choices.  Are any of you seeing this sort of thing being offered in your community?  With about 42 million unpaid family members caring for older adults who need assistance, the need is certainly there.


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2 Responses to Caregiving, Part II

  1. ladywise says:

    I think back in the 50’s and before it was much more common to have multi-generational families than it is today. Most people today are too busy to care of anyone else with both spouses working already.
    I helped my mother take care of her mother, I took care of my husbands grandmother and then I took care of my own mother when she was sick. I also took care of my grand daughters for a year so to me it’s just something you are supposed to do in this lifetime.
    I wonder if we are just going back to a lot of the basics because of the economy now. People are getting to where they can’t afford to put an older family member in a home to be taken care of so they are left with little choice but to take care of them at home.

    • I think the economy is one factor. Plus there are more older folks around these days. I remember my grandmother on my dad’s side lived with my aunt and uncle until she died, and my grandfather on my mom’s side lived with my mom’s sister and her husband after his wife died. My mom chose to live in a retirement community until she needed nursing care. I wonder how her life would have been different if she would have lived with me or one of my siblings. My husband’s sister lives with us now. I try to think of it as repaying my mom for not taking care of her. It’s not always easy, as you know. Do you keep in touch with the girls at all?

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