I haven’t uploaded any photos to iStockPhoto recently, but now that I have a high-speed connection, it is a lot more doable.  I uploaded three this morning.  I’ll share them with you here and see what you think.  Then we’ll see if you can pick the ones that are accepted by iStock.

Sycamore tree with halo

This is the first image I uploaded to iStock.  No editing.  Below is the same photo with a sepia filter.

Sycamore tree with halo in sepia tone.

Sycamore leaves

I really like the way the wind blew these sycamore leaves up in a pile just outside our back door.  I’m afraid iStock will say that there is no focus point.

Getting a drink

I took my camera with me when we went down to feed the fish last night.  Of course, the dogs have to go along.  We can’t leave the yard with the RTV without them.

The rag quilted scarf that I posted about this morning sold today.  Guess I’ll have to make another one, but first I’m going to make another baby quilt.  We are invited to a party for a one year old next Saturday.  He has a lovie and a mini quilt already.  Now I want to make a bigger one for him.















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4 Responses to iStockPhoto

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    You are a busy woman! Are you still working at Wal-mart as well?

    I love your photos. The first one and the last one are my favorites. I also love the leaf picture!!
    That is wonderful that the scarf sold so fast. Now you know what to make more of, besides the lovely quilts you make for friends and to sell! I am in awe of your energy and all that you get done. You are running circles around me!

    • I’m not working at Walmart anymore. I resigned when Paul had his surgery ’cause he really did need someone to be home with him. He’s well enough now that I could go back, but I don’t think I will. I’m having too much fun quilting and cooking.

      I wasn’t sure about the first photo. Didn’t like it at first, but when I came back to it, I liked it. I love the different colors in the pile of leaves.

      I had a request for the quilted scarf, so I’m not sure how many others I will sell, but I’ll make a few. They are much softer and warmer than I thought they would be.

      I’m trying to make a little spending money from the things I sell on Etsy, but so far all I’ve done is buy more fabric!

      I’ll try to get some more photos posted.

  2. Aussie Emjay says:

    I’m glad your scarf went so quickly! That must make you feel really good. I love the dog drinking photo best and I also really like the leaves.

    • I had a request for the quilted scarf, but I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, or if it would end up being what she was looking for, but it was! It is always a good feeling to be able to pull together a vision from a customer into a finished item that they like.

      My favorite photo is the dog drinking from the lake. It will be the one I’m betting on to be accepted by iStock.

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