More iStock photos

I uploaded three more photos to iStock today.  They were all taken on the 9th of August, a month ago already!  I may have published one of them already in my blog.

Butterfly in the weeds

I think I did post this image before, but it may have been the post that had a lot of issue with image size.  I do best when uploading images from my computer that are about 1000 x 1000 pixels in size.

Wild sunflowers

Farmers consider these sunflowers to be a noxious weed.  I like their sunny yellow petals and dark green foliage.  You can see a big patch of them in the corner of the field in the background of the photo.

Butterfly on sunflower

If I were picking just one of these photos that I think will be accepted by iStock, I would pick the one of the sunflowers.  I lot of photographers submit images of butterflies, but there aren’t that many that go out into rural areas looking for wild flowers.

I analyzed the iStock photos in my portfolio that have been downloaded, and for the most part, they are of things that are common out here around me, but aren’t found in urban environments.  My photo with the most downloads is a bowl of cut green beans in a red Pyrex bowl.  Pretty common to me, but what do I know?









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2 Responses to More iStock photos

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    I think these photos are fabulous!!! I love the macro shot of the butterfly. Fascinating. They should accept them all!

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