Printing PayPal shipping labels

I use PayPal to accept payment for items I sell on Etsy and eBay, and I use PayPal to purchase and print my shipping labels.  Everything was working fine until I upgraded to a dish for my internet connection.  Then I started having issues.

I started using Google Chrome for my search engine because it seemed to work faster than Internet Explorer.  I clicked on the “Allow pop-ups from this site” button, but my labels would still pop-up under the print label screen on PayPal.

After three tries and voided labels this morning, I clicked on the “Help” tab on Google Chrome.  Seems I’m not the only one experiencing this problem.  So I reopened PayPal in Internet Explorer, and was able to print my label, although, once again, the print screen opens under the pop-up asking if your label printed correctly.  Only after clicking on “OK” was I able to click on the print button.  What’s up with that anyway?

I was able to use the Internet shipping labels that I picked up yesterday at Walmart.  So much easier than cutting out the label and taping it to the package.

Lunch time already.  I spend an hour trying to get that label printed!  Thank goodness I have leftover chili and cornbread from last night.



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2 Responses to Printing PayPal shipping labels

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    I hope you get this worked out soon. I use google chrome but then, I am not trying to print out labels!

    • I haven’t had any other issues with Google Chrome. Not sure what the problem is with printing shipping labels. But as long as Internet Explorer works, I probably won’t worry about it!

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