Tea Dyed Scarf

I finished another scarf very much like that last one tonight, but wanted to added more of a vintage feel, so I tea dyed it using these directions.   It’s in the washer now so I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out, but I think it will just what I wanted.

Going to a Grandparent’s Day program at one of our grandson’s preschool tomorrow, so I won’t have time to list it on Etsy until we get home.  I had used these same directions to tea dye something else, but I had forgotten exactly how to do it.



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2 Responses to Tea Dyed Scarf

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    Oh, I hope you post so pictures. I always found dying things to be difficult. That is very interesting that you are using tea!

    Glad you can attend Grandparents day! Hope you take a few pictures there as well.

    • I’ll post a photo of the tea dyed scarf in just a few. I really like the way it turned out.

      We enjoyed Grandparents Day, but I forgot to take my camera. We left at 8:00 this morning. My brain wasn’t awake yet!

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