Tea Dyed Scarf on Etsy

Here’s the tea dyed scarf that I listed on Etsy today.

Rag quilted tea dyed scarf

More fall colors and lots of vintage denim went into this scarf, which is very similar to one a made a couple of day ago.  I really have a hard time making two things that are just alike!  This time, I stitched the 4 patch squares together before I added the backing, and I make the fringe a little bit different.  I love the way the ends of the denim curl up.  Then after I had it completed, I soaked it in a tea bath for a couple of hours.  You can’t see any of the tea staining on the front, but the flannel in the back has a tie-dyed look.  It unifies all the colors and adds a vintage look to the whole piece.  I will use tea again to dye other pieces that just don’t seem to come together.

It rained today!  We didn’t get much more than a drop in the bucket, but it did come down slow so every drop went in the ground.  Hopefully we will get more tomorrow.

Time to go watch Mizzou football.  I won’t make it till the end of the game, but I’ll watch for a little while.  Go, Tigers!



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2 Responses to Tea Dyed Scarf on Etsy

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    What a beautiful scarf! I wish we could see the back to see what difference the tea soak made. Do you rinse it off after it soaks in the tea? I am just curious. I know in the old days, people would use tea as a dye. I think that is really neat that you are using it too. I bet that scarf will sell quickly too!

    • I rinsed the scarf, then washed it to make sure the excess tea wouldn’t stain something else. I could try to take a picture of the back of the scarf, but I looks more like shadows than anything else. The customer that I made the first one for wants one for each of her sisters, so I’m pretty sure I will sell that many. Don’t know how much demand there will be for more. It doesn’t hurt of have a lot of different items for sale. Not everyone wants a quilt or a table runner.

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