Wood for winter

This time of year we start getting concerned about how we are going to stay warm during the coming winter season.  We have  furnace that will burn oil, but we haven’t purchased any in several years, which means we can only stay as warm as the wood we cut will keep us.  Last weekend, two of our sons came out to lend a hand to help us stock up for winter.  Here is the results of their labors.

Wood for winter

And here are the tired woodsmen!

The woodsmen and the wood pile

I went out this evening to try to do some work in my flower beds.  It is still too dry to do very much, but I did manage to get rid of some weeds out by the mailbox.

Think I’ll go watch some TV tonight.  The bean soup and the fresh bread made a good supper tonight.






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4 Responses to Wood for winter

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    What a great picture, with your woodsmen in front of the huge pile of wood they cut! Wow. That is amazing, to me, that you stay warm totally by a wood fire. Your dinner sounds wonderful and healthy as well. Very impressive!

    • Other than the back to nature crowd, there probably aren’t too many people who heat just with wood these days. I really like it. Wood heat has a wonderful warm feel that you don’t get from any other fuel. It has it’s draw-backs. It’s dirty. You have to be here to keep wood in the furnace, and unless you go down and put more wood on the fire during the night, you are going to wake up to a cold house. It works for us now, but it won’t be too long before the whole process will be too difficult.

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Holy snappers! What’ve you got there: four cord at least?
    This is my first time visiting (through a WordPress “bottom-of-the-page” link), so I’ve not read your bio yet.
    We heat with wood too (you’re right, it IS dirty, but nothing feels as good as a wood fire) and I grew up in a wonderful, drafty old farm house. (Usually waited for Dad to get the kitchen stove fired up before venturing out from under the covers.; )
    Looking forward to reading more of your postings! Thanks, D.

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