Sunday in the country

Took my camera out for a walk this afternoon.  It’s late for most wild flowers, and it has been so dry, that I wasn’t sure I would find anything picture-worthy.  See what you think.

Small bird's nest

I find several of these small bird’s nests around our house each year.  I think I’m going to sell them on Etsy to crafters to use in their projects.

Yellow mums

This fall I planted these yellow mums and….

Bronze mums

Bronze mums

these bronze mums.  I need to remember to keep them watered.

Sycamore Tree

I like this unique way to viewing a tree.

Red leaves

I found a few red leaves.  I like the way the fence post echoes the color of the leaves.


We had a beautiful blue fall sky today with just a few puffy clouds.  The goldenrod is just starting to bloom.



The leaves of this mullen plant are surprisingly soft and fuzzy.


I’ve always called this snow-on-the-mountain, but that may not be the right name.

Cedar tree

I’ve been up and down this road dozens of times this summer, but never noticed this lone cedar tree until today.  It’s a “Charlie Brown” sort of tree, but it’s hanging in there.

I made a chocolate cheesecake this afternoon.  Won’t make another one.  Doesn’t have the rich chocolate flavor I was hoping for.  However, I made quiche with a little bit of everything I had in the frig, and that was really good.  You win some and you lose some.

Got a couple of rows of the baby quilt stitched together.  Lots more to do!




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6 Responses to Sunday in the country

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    Your pictures are wonderful. I like the barbed wire in some of the pictures. Makes a good contrast to the flowers and things. Love the tree, with the trunk being so gnarly. The goldenrod picture is beautiful but makes me want to sneeze (isn’t is one of the plants that causes allergies in people to flare up?). It looks like you found a good number of interesting and lovely things to take pictures of.

    Your quiche makes my mouth water. I wonder if a different recipe for the cheese cake would make a difference?

    • Thanks, Freedom! I enjoyed taking the pictures. I was surprised that I found so many. Yes, a lot of folks are allergic to goldenrod. It isn’t fully bloomed out yet. I like the tree, too. I’m going to upload it to iStock.

      I didn’t think I like quiche until I started making it several years ago when we were doing the Adkins diet. Now I make it a couple of times a month, at least. I’m not sure about the cheese cake. I’m sure it would have tasted better if I had been hungry. I think I’m going to try some caramel sauce with pecans and chocolate chips for a turtle cheesecake and see if that helps.

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Sorry you two, but as a beekeeper I have to step in here… NO Goldenrod does not cause fall allergies – it’s that really well-camouflaged, short, green, boring little Ragweed that people react to – they just happen to bloom at the same time and, let’s face it, it’s a whole lot easier to blame the tall, golden flower stalks of Goldenrod which is a HUGE source of pollen and nectar for honeybees – heck for tons of pollinating insects. (Did you know that it’s also a medicine/dye plant too?) Ah, that feels better, thanks!
        I am also a big fan of your barbed-wire shots (even though I still have a scar from a close encounter as a kid):
        Oh, and I’m pretty sure that your “red leaves on the metal post” are Engelman’s Ivy. It grows wild up here in Ontario too [and, next to Staghorn Sumack, it’s my favourite (wild) red fall foliage]. Can you believe that some people actually have to go buy it to see this gorgeousness in the fall?
        You make Turtles Cheesecake? Oo,oo that sounds sinfully wonderful! (Wonderfully sinful?) Just plain YUMMY! Do you make your own caramel sauce too?
        Geez, sorry… Too many questions! But seriously though: thanks for the great fall shots!

        • Glad to hear that ragweed is the real culprit. I’ll have to try to get some shots of it, too. I know we have lots of it. Bet the bees and bugs do love goldenrod. Not much blooming out there right now.

          I’ll have to check out Engelman’s ivy. We have a lot of it in that fence row. Funny, I’ve never really noticed it before. Our sumac hasn’t turned yet.

          The turtle cheesecake was sort of an accident. A happy one, to be sure. I made a chocolate cheesecake, but wasn’t too impressed with the taste. Doll it up with caramel sauce, pecans, and chocolate chips and it is to die for! Haven’t tried making homemade caramel sauce, but I may have to now. I used ice cream topping.

          Thanks for all your comments. I’ll try to get some more fall shots posted soon.

  2. Bayou Woman says:

    Looking up the sycamore tree is my favorite! I love how you can see the bark detail. Reminds me of a childhood Bible story song about Zaccheus! Thanks for visiting my blog! BW

    • And I believe the tree in the Bible story was a sycamore! I like to visit another blog that has posted about something I tagged in my post. In this case, it was wild sunflowers. Didn’t realize until too late that your post was from 2008!

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