Chevron design table runner

When I finished working on the blue an brown baby quilt, I decided to do something with the leftover squares of fabric.  I had seen several quilts recently with a chevron design, so I decided to see if I could figure out how to do it.  It took several tries, but I finally got it!

Chevron design



It looks so simple once you get it figured out that it’s hard to believe I had a hard time with it.  I made two squares with the brown and white dot fabric, and two with the brown and blue dot fabric.  Then I added a thin dark brown border, and a wider bright blue border.  I machine quilted the squares, but decided to hand quilt the borders.  I like the “Charlie Brown” meandering stitch in the brown border, but…

Hand quilted borders.

when I free-hand quilted the same design in the wider blue border, I didn’t like it.  Thank goodness I tried it in the short end before doing a long side!  Maybe I would like it if it was exactly the same as the stitching in the brown border.  I may try that tomorrow before I give up.  Since I didn’t mark the line, I may have a hard time repeating it.  I like the slightly lopsided look of the line in the brown border.  My hand quilting skills are very rusty, but it adds a primitive look to the entire piece.

I stopped when I got to this point.  Sometimes sleeping on a problem helps.

Lunch today was leftovers again.  We had gone to a funeral this morning and got home just in time for lunch.  No problem.  We all like leftovers.

Then for dinner I made salmon patties.  Yummy!  Served with leftover mashed potatoes reheated with grated Parmesan cheese on top, and green beans and onions.  I ate an apple for dessert.  I had picked up a bag of Paula Red apples this morning.  They are nice and tart.

Then I went out and played around in the flower bed.  Dug up all of the tiger lilies.  They grow so tall that I decided I would like them better against a fence or the house.  The only flowers I have close to the house are in a bed on the southeast corner.  I have daffodils in the spring and four-o-clocks all summer.  I think the tiger lilies will look nice there, and out by the mail box.  After digging up the lilies, I dug up and separated most of my day lilies.  I want them to form the backbone of my flower bed, since it can be seen from both sides.  I want all the iris and lilies to be in the center because I won’t have to do anything to them.  The bed is too deep to reach the center without stepping into the bed, so having plants that don’t need attention there will work out great.  I’m going to plant some spring bulbs among them, so that as the bulbs die back, the lilies and iris can take over.   Sounds like a good plan anyway!  Anyone need any day lilies, tiger lilies, or iris?



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