Source for homespun fabrics

Once upon a time, I used homespun fabrics and natural muslin for a lot of my place mats and table runners.  Don’t know where I got off track!  Anyway, I was cleaning out a drawer in my desk and came across the name Over’s Country Store, which I remember being one of the few places to buy homespun fabric at that time.  Now a Google search reveals lots of links to homespun fabrics, but I’m happy to report that Over’s Country Store is still there with a wide selection of homespuns, even pastels, all for $6.25 per yard.  Give them a click if you are looking for homespun fabrics.



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2 Responses to Source for homespun fabrics

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    That is neat. What is a “homespun” fabric?

    • Homespun fabric is a loosely woven fabric made with different colors of thread, rather than having the color printed on the finished fabric. The most common pattern is single color plaid. Since it is loosely woven, it frays out beautifully in rag quilted items.

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