Plant with red leaves

I still have a mystery plant.  Someone suggested that it was Engelman’s Ivy or Virginia Creeper, but I don’t think so.  Here are a few more pictures that I took on Sunday.

Plant with red leaves




This plant has leaves in sets of five while Virginia creeper has leaves in sets of three, like poison ivy.

Plant with red leaves






Now, this one looks more like Engelman’s ivy because the leaves are in sets of three, but I’m still not sure.






Plant with red leaves


Another thing that makes me think it isn’t Engelman’s ivy is the way it grows.  It tends to grow in brambles like this one and the canes have thorns.  Virginia creeper like to climb up things and has pads that adhere to whatever they are climbing on.  This stuff just lays over on the ground even when there is a fence to climb on.


Okay, plant detectives!  What is it?


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2 Responses to Plant with red leaves

  1. ladywise says:

    I really have no idea but the way you are describing it, it sounds like a blackberry vine.

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