Christmas mittens for Etsy, 2nd edition

I finished another set of rag quilted place mats using Moda fabrics this afternoon.  I’m basically happy with the design, but I’m sure I will tweak it if I use it again.  There were 36 squares in the Countdown to Christmas collection.  I used 16 of the red and green ones in the first set of place mats.  The ones I listed on Etsy today use the black and white squares.  Not your traditional Christmas colors.  I do want to try using Christmas colors with a large denim squares.  Guess that can be tomorrow’s project!

Christmas mittens place mats

I did finish the table runner with the hand quilted border tonight while I was watching the X Factor.  Didn’t enjoy tonight’s show as much as last night’s.  Too many terrible singers.  But there were some really great singers, too.  Especially the last girl from Miami and the rugby player from Dallas.  There were a couple of guys with promise, too.

Made some fresh broccoli and cornbread with fried potatoes and leftover beef with gravy for dinner tonight.  I didn’t eat anything except the broccoli and the cornbread.  Warm cornbread with butter is better than cake.

Stayed outside after dinner until the sun went down.  I’ve completely dug up and replanted about half of my flower bed.  Trying to get plants into groups instead of just strung out.  Plus I’m moving the iris and day lilies to the center of the big flower bed so I won’t have to try to reach into the center of the bed next year.  Hopefully, it will take care of itself.  Some  little seeds are germinating all over the place.  Maybe they will all sprout and freeze now so I won’t have to worry about them next year.  I’m trying to cover up all the planted areas with leaves, etc. to act as mulch.  It will be interesting to see if it stays in place or blows off.

I need to bake some more bread tomorrow.  Homemade bread is so good.  I need to get some more crabapple jelly out of the freezer.  So good on toasted homemade whole wheat bread!






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