Country By Design place mats for Christmas

I don’t mean to rush the season, but I had some lovely Christmas fabric that was begging to be used for something, so I made these Christmas mittens place mats.

Christmas mittens place mats from Country By Design

I liked the way this set turned out so much that I used most of the rest of the Countdown to Christmas charm pack from Moda to make another set that is in the dryer right now.  I really like the way the clipped flannel creates a cute cuff on the mitten.

I also have a 5 point star that I would like to try, and I think a Christmas stocking would be cute, too.  I’m tempted to try some vintage denim with Christmas fabrics.

Had a dentist appointment first thing this morning.  Just a cleaning, but I had to make another appointment to go back in two weeks for a crown prep.  Wish my teeth would stop falling apart!

I’m going to make some more cornbread for dinner tonight. It’s that kind of day.  Cool, with clouds.  Need to finish my yard work, too.

Going to check on the dryer first!






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