How to make a rag quilted appliqued stocking

Easy to follow directions for making a rag appliqued stocking.

Sketch design


Sketch out your design on paper about the same size as you will need for your finished design.  Here is my first version of my Christmas mitten and my Christmas stocking.



Transfer design


Transfer design to cardboard or stiff paper.  I’m using a 5 inch square of cardboard that comes with a charm pack because I want the design to fit on a 5 inch square of fabric.



Cut out design


Then cut out your design, in this case, your stocking.





Using a 5 inch square of the fabric you are using for your applique, a five inch square of batting, and a 5 inch square of a backing fabric, make a sandwich with the batting in the center.

Make fabric sandwich

Stack up all three squares with edges even and stitch together with a diagonal X.

Place pattern on fabric


Place your stocking pattern on your 5 inch quilted square, right sides up.





Pattern on back of square


Turn square face down and place stocking pattern face down also.  Use a pencil or fabric marker to trace around pattern.




Cut out stockings


Cut stockings out through all three layers.  Stitched X will hold layers together.




Stocking placed on large square



Place stocking on large square.  In this case, the stitching lines on the stocking are lined up with the stitching lines on the large square.




Stitch stocking in place



Pin stocking in place and machine stitch close to the edge.





Second row of stitching




Place a second row of stitching just inside the first row to make sure the design can be washed.





Creating a fur cuff


Create a “fur” cuff for your stocking by stitching four layers of one inch wide flannel to the top of your stocking.  The flannel stripes should be the same length as the width of the stocking.





Clipped cuff

Clipped cuff



Finish your rag appliqued stocking by clipping both sides of the flannel strip.  When it is washed, it will fluff up like fur.




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