Christmas stocking rag quilted place mats

I listed another set of rag quilted place mats on Etsy tonight.  I’m having fun making appliques with “fur” cuffs.

Christmas stockings place mats

I had planned to use the set of stockings that I made for my how-to, but then I decided that they weren’t big enough for the large square, so I started over.  I think I am going to add two more small stockings to the first set.  Somehow, these look more like boots than stockings, so I’m sure I will play around with the design.

I made some lentil and brown rice soup for dinner last night.  It is so good!  Had enough to freeze some and have leftovers for lunch today, too.

I made more whole wheat bread this morning.  I’m getting the hang of baking bread again.  It’s been awhile.

Got to play cowboy yesterday and again today.  Looked a little strange in exercise pants and Crocs, but whatever!  Yesterday Paul and I took our four wheel “horse” down to the pasture to give a calf a shot.  It was our oldest and biggest calf and belonged to his pet cow.  I got to hold a leg to keep it from kicking.  Down there just long enough to get dirty.

This morning, the little calf was dead.  Poor baby, and poor mama!  So this afternoon, we went back down to the pasture and brought his pet back up to a pen by the house.  Then we went back down and brought up another cow with a tiny little calf that isn’t doing well.  She didn’t want to come but we had her baby and she wanted to be close to it.  She claimed it, but it wasn’t getting enough to eat.

So we got his pet cow up in the chute and milked some milk into a calf bottle.  The little guy took a while to get the hang of it, but soon he polished it off.  Then we tried to get him to suck from the pet cow.   It was too cute.  He got the hang of it and went to town.  Soon his little tail was swishing back and forth.  It was a happy sight!

Paul milked some more milk into the bottle then turned all three of them back out in the pasture.  He went back out with the bottle after dinner, and the baby remembered.  Paul got him between his legs and he polished it off in just a few minutes.

Now he has to decide if he wants to leave the calf with its mother, or try to put it with the cow who lost her calf.  He will take her, but often the cow will not take another calf.  At least the calf has a good chance of making it.

Paul’s pet cow is pretty amazing.  Paul has always been able to go up to her and touch her.  I was surprised that she let me pat her face and rub the top of her head and scratch behind her ears.  Wish I had my camera!

It was really nice outside this afternoon.  The breeze was a tad cool, but otherwise, it was perfect!






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  1. My daughter-in-law would love your blog…Me too!

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