Printing PayPal shipping labels with Google Chrome

By trial and error, I have figured out how to print PayPal shipping labels using Google Chrome.  If you are having trouble getting your labels to print, try this.

In PayPal, click on the print shipping label tab.  Fill out all of the information on the next two screens, then click pay and continue.  If you have pop-ups allowed, a new screen will pop-up with your sample label, and two choices:  print sample and print label.  If you click on print sample, your label will print with the word SAMPLE  written across it.  If you click on print label, the Google Chrome print screen will open behind the screens that are currently open.

At this point, move your cursor to the right and right click on the open document in the background.  In the pop-up box, click on Save as…  Name your document or go with the default.  Click Save in the name your document box.

Now you will need to left click on the Start icon in the tray on your desktop.  Left click on Recent items…, then click on the name of the document that you just saved.  Your label that you are trying to print will open as a .pdf document in Adobe Reader.  Now all that is left to do is click on print and okay.

Once you do this a time or two, it will be easy as pie.  You will need to close all your open windows and click on the printed okay button on the PayPal print page.

Buy a package of the Avery Internet Shipping Labels that are self-adhesive.  So much easier than printing on plain paper and taping them to the box.  The directions don’t say this, but you can tear the labels apart, and feed them into your printer one at a time.

I don’t have easy access to the post office, so this is the easiest way for me to get things delivered.  In all the years I have been shipping packages, only one has gotten lost, and that was just last month.  We live on a rural mail route and I can leave packages out in my mail box to be picked up.  I don’t even have to contact the post office first.  We get mail every day, so the mail man always stops even if we forget to put the flag up.




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