Candle mat for Etsy

American candle mat

Here’s the candle mat I listed on Etsy this morning.  I wasn’t very productive yesterday.  Had a chance to go to town for a bit of shopping, so I went.  I was out of butter and eggs, and cheese.  Hard to come up with substitutes for those items.

Took a nap after lunch.  Don’t miss many of those.  I have started getting up earlier, but haven’t figured out how to go to sleep earlier.

Made the candle mat while watching the Food Network.  My TV is forgetting that there are other channels.  Watched The X Factor after dinner with hubby.  I usually can stand all the commercials, but I was tired last night.  I had gone out for a few minutes after dinner and replanted some more iris.  I’m finished with one side of the flower bed.  Now to do the other side!

My one dahlia is finally blooming but I couldn’t get a good shot yesterday.  It was super windy all day.

Some of my fabric for a heart quilt came yesterday, so I need to start cutting those 108 squares out.  Plus I need to make a couple of coasters to go with a set of place mats.  Thank goodness we have enough leftovers that I won’t have to cook today.







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4 Responses to Candle mat for Etsy

  1. trailblazer1 says:

    Some happy cat will have a comfy spot with country style. Very nice, how about one for our dog, oops – he’d make short work of the fringe. Love Iris – haven’t seen any since I moved from CT. to CA.

  2. trailblazer1 says:

    I remember my mother walking down our driveway, which was bordered with iris, with a jar of kerosene in which she plunked the japanese beetles that were crawling in the iris. We also had peonies – lots of beetles in them. Since we live in a second story condo, no place to plant much of anything that won’t do well on a back deck – which faces north an gets little sun. Enjoy your world.

    • We have some beetles, but I don’t bother them. Some of my plants get pretty well eaten up. I have more iris than anything else. I just have two small peonies that haven’t bloomed yet.

      A north-facing second floor deck would present some problems when it comes to growing things! We keep talking about moving, but I hate to leave all my flowers.

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