Red oak leaves

I have been spending an hour or more every day moving flowers around in my beds for weeks now, almost every day since it rained.  Yesterday I decided I was finished.  I had a few stray iris, etc. left over, but I didn’t have room for them and I was tired of the whole business.  It wasn’t fun anymore.

So tonight, I grabbed my camera and headed out after dinner.  I thought I had been staying in shape with the gardening, but I was wrong!  I was absolutely out of breath before I got to the top of the little hill by the road.  I had noticed some red leaves on a big oak tree there and wanted to check them out.  Usually the leaves on oak trees just turn brown, but these are really pretty.  It was almost too dark already, but the colors showed up better than I thought they might.

Red oak leaves

Red oak leaf and post

I like the composition of this photo.  I’m going to have to go back up there a little bit earlier tomorrow.  I should be able to get some interesting shots looking to the west.  The back lighting should be good.

I haven’t finished any projects since Saturday, but I should be able to finish two tomorrow.  I was getting tired of working on the baby quilt this afternoon, so I started on a set of coasters.  I’m trying to think of some ways to use fabrics in my stash to make things that guys might be interested in.  Any ideas?  I have a lot of vintage denim.  I’m thinking about combining it with vintage flannel to make throws.

Think I’ll go watch the rest of the ballgame.  New York just tied it up.


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