Almost finished!

Just spent another hour working on the Nature’s Gifts table runner, and it looks like I’m almost finished.

Almost finished Nature's Gifts table runner

Another hour working on the table runner has it pretty close to being finished, if it weren’t a Country By Design table runner!  There is only two more rows of squares to be rag quilted and stitched together.  Then most quilters stitch around the outside edge, clip it, and they are done.  Not here!  As soon as I add the last two rows and stitch the sets together, I will add a double border around the edges before they are clipped.  It takes a bit more time, but the finished results are worth it.

I had to retake the photos of the place mats that I talked about yesterday.  I had used another camera thinking it couldn’t make that much difference, but it did.  I was a bit overcast and even though I had taken the pictures outside, the colors still didn’t come out right.  So here is the new take.

New photo of place mats

I went back and changed the photos in my Etsy listing.  You only have one photo and a title to grab shoppers and make them take a look, so that first impression has to be great!

You can see the difference that the border makes on the edges of the place mats.  I really like the way the homespun and flannel fray out.  Maybe it’s because I’m a touchy, feel-y person!

Think I’m going to make Salisbury steak for dinner.  It’s that kind of day.  And Rachel Ray made Salisbury steak on her show this afternoon.  Not sure if I will use her recipe.  I don’t think I’ve ever made Salisbury steak before.


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