Ready for winter

We'll be warm this winter!

Here’s the stack of wood that my hubby and I split and stacked on Friday.  I’m pretty impressed!  I had helped him bring some of the logs up from the woods earlier in the week, then he cut it into lengths that would work for the splitter.   It isn’t quit as tall as it looks compared to the garage roof, because I’m not very tall, but it is well over my head.  I might be able to throw a stick up on the top row.  There is some limb wood down at one end, but most of it had to be split.  My job was operating the splitter.  By the time we quit, my hand hurt, my back hurt, and my knee hurt, but nothing serious.  Paul still complains that he can’t do much, but I think he did a lot.  Those log sections were heavy.  He rolled them up to the splitter, but it still took a lot of energy to get them into position.

Did a lot of computer work today, as well as laundry and cleaning.  Put some things away that had been laying around for weeks.  Don’t get in the mood to do that very often!  I did a little bit of quilting.  I’m working on a table runner using Countdown to Christmas from Moda.

Made some awesome brownies for dinner tonight.  Used the recipe off the back of the unsweetened chocolate.  After I took them out of the oven, I sprinkled the top with about half a cup of chocolate chips, waited a few minutes, then spread them around like icing.  Yummy!




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2 Responses to Ready for winter

  1. trailblazer1 says:

    What’s a splitter? How many cords of wood is that? Now I want a brownie, please.

    • Here is a picture of a commercial log splitter. Ours is homemade, but looks very much like this. We use it in the vertical position so that we don’t have to pick up the log. It works very much like an elevator shaft with a sharp wedge on the bottom. The handle lowers the wedge into the log with enough force that it splits open. A cord of wood is 4 feet by 4 feet by 8 feet, so our stack is about 2 cords. We try to cut our pieces 3 feet long because they fit in the furnace better. It is at least 8 feet high and more than 8 feet long. We probably have about 8 cords of wood cut for the winter. We don’t like to be cold! Here’s your brownie. Enjoy!

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