Feeling a lot like fall

Yesterday it was still warm enough to be summer, although the wind had a bite to it.  Today was a different story.  I went out to the mail box, but that was the only time I left the house.  We haven’t started the furnace yet, but I did wear a jacket most of the day.  Won’t be long now before we start digging into that stack of wood.

I had made a small rag quilted table runner using Moda’s Countdown to Christmas yesterday.  I wanted to go ahead and use the rest of the collection today, but I didn’t want to do the same thing again, so I laid out a machine pieced and quilted design.  I had worked with the design once before, so it went together without any problems.  I finished hand stitching the back of the binding after dinner, and laid out another runner.

We are finally getting some rain, like a serious fall rain.  Still nice and gentle, but off and on all day.  I may get tired of the cloudy weather in a day or two, but for right now, the rain is so nice.  It has been dry here since the first of July.

I’ll post a picture of the table runner as soon as I get it listed on Etsy in the morning.  I should get the one I laid out tonight finished tomorrow, too.  I would like to have one new listing every day this week.  That’s my goal.  We’ll have to see if I can do it!


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