Two new Country By Design table runners

Countdown to Christmas rag quilted table runner

I’ve been working with Moda’s Countdown to Christmas charm packs.  This is the rag quilted table runner that I made on Sunday as a gift, using just the red, green, and white squares in the collection.

Quilted table runner using Moda's Countdown to Christmas

And here are fabrics from the same collection put together in a totally different way.  This one is made using the red, white, and black squares in the collection with one of the greens for the border.  I listed this one on Etsy this morning.  When I checked a few minutes ago, eight people had posted it on their favorites list!  Yeah!!  I’ve never had that many hits so soon.  It is very striking.

I finished another rag quilted runner tonight while I was watching the X Factor.  There are several that I liked from their first audition that are still in the competition.  I especially like the 59 year old guy, but I’m not sure how far he will go head to head with some of the younger competition, but anyway, I was really glad to see him get through.   Should be interesting.

Another chilly, cloudy, windy day today.  We decided that there was no point in being cold, so we got the furnace going.  Nothing feels warmer than wood heat.

The neatest part of the day was watching our pet toad eat a spider.  He was hiding under the deep freezer with just his nose sticking out.  Rather quickly he walked (he doesn’t hop, he walks) out across the floor toward the wall.  We watched him for a few minutes, then I got up to check on him.  He was about three inches away from a rather large black spider.  The toes on his back feet were twitching with excitement or anticipation.  In a split second, the spider was gone!  There was another spider over by the floor drain, but he ignored it and hopped over by the bathroom door.  When I came up a few minutes ago, he was still in the same spot, sound asleep.  Too cute!

I’m going to work on another runner using the Countdown to Christmas collection.  I want to try something with triangle squares.  I’ll have to put it in my thinking cap for tonight!



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18 Responses to Two new Country By Design table runners

  1. Tiffany oliver says:

    Where did you get the first pictures fabric? Those prints are the most gorgeous prints for Christmas I have seen! Our daughter is expected to arrive any day near Christmas and I wanted to make a Christmas themed blanket and maybe some burp cloths, could you please help!

    • Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. My computer was on the fritz for awhile, then I had a hard time catching up with everything.

      This collection was Moda’s Countdown to Christmas. It is out of stock and I only found a few pieces on Etsy. Hope you were able to find something.

  2. Angela Cleversy says:

    Do you make these to sale? I would be very intersted in purchasing one from you. My email is

  3. Charlene says:

    Very nice , thanks for sharing

  4. Marilyn Beck says:

    what size are your squares in the christmas table runner? I love the colors.

    • Okay. I found the pictures! The top one is made from 5 inch charm pack squares with 1/2 inch seams. You can use the same idea with fabric that you cut into squares, too.

      The second one is charm pack squares, too. I cut the black squares into 4 pieces and the red squares into 2 pieces. The white squares are 5 inches. I may have made this runner with 1/2 inch seams, but you can also use 1/4 inch seams.

      Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to you. I had issues with my computer, then I just didn’t come back!

  5. Joyce says:

    Are these flannel pieces or cotton? I havent known cottom material to fray like that when washed.

  6. Nancy says:

    Are there directions for making this quilt runner – the top one? I am a first time quilter and would like to make these for my daughters for next year.

  7. Tammy says:

    I I didn’t see any directions. Thanks

  8. Libby Treadway says:

    I am also interested in directions for the top runner. I have never made a rag quilt before and love the looks of this. Thanks so much!

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  10. Karla says:

    I’m finally ready to use the Countdown to Christmas fabric I purchased last year! Thanks for the inspiration — just love both of the table runners!

    • That’s great! I wish I had bought more of that collection. It is so pretty! I have just enough to make a little runner or a couple of place mats. Please show me your finished creation.

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