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I’ve been watching the Cardinals play in the World Series in the evenings this week instead of keeping up with my posts.  I have gotten some quilting done.  Not as much as I wanted to, but not too shabby.

Countdown to Christmas table runner

As you may have noticed, I don’t often make two of the same thing.  Here’s another version of Countdown to Christmas in a rag quilted table runner with off-white muslin squares in the center.

Countdown to Christmas table runner

Same Moda collection.  Totally different look.  The chevron in this table runner is constructed using triangle squares so it isn’t as difficult as it looks.  Each of the center squares is half white and half red.  The design is created by the way the squares are arranged.

Table topper mini quilt using Moda's Nature's Gift

The colors in Moda’s Nature’s Gift are very similar.  The designs of the prints are very different.  This mini quilt was made using black, red, green, and white prints from Nature’s Gift.  It’s more of a holiday/winter collection than just a Christmas collection.

I should have/could have finished another runner tonight using Nature’s Gift.  But I’m also trying to finish a set of place mats made by knitting with strips of fabric.  They are to be a gift for the wedding we are going to tomorrow.  I only have two more rows to add before I wrap them up.  I’ll try to remember to take a picture.

It was 32 degrees this morning, with some light frost.  But it warmed up nicely and was beautiful outside this afternoon.  Sounds like we will have at least one more nice weekend before it turns really cold.

BTW,  all three table runners are listed for sale on Etsy!



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