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I’m headed home tomorrow and although I have had an amazing time here in St. Louis, I’m ready to go back.

I had to run some errands this afternoon so I stopped  by the sewing machine shop.  Mine still isn’t ready to go.  I will be bummed if I have to go home without it.

After I left the sewing shop, I popped over to Hobby Lobby again.  Picked up a copy of Annis Clapp’s Easy Americana Rag Quilting.  Something tells me that I have a copy of it already, but I don’t know where it is.  I do want to try some of the design ideas that are in this book.

I also looked at patterns again and picked out one that has directions for 2 different duffel bags, a tote, a make-up case, and a eyeglasses case.  I also bought enough fabric to make myself a duffle bag.  I may make some of the smaller bags for Christmas presents.

I’m still watching the celebration at the stadium, but I think it’s time to put a wrap on all this stuff.  The Rangers gave St. Louis a run for their money.  I’ll get a lot more done at home now that baseball is over!  I don’t watch very many games during the season, but I usually watch most of the post-season games, regardless of who plays.  Last night’s game was one for the ages.


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