Country By Design knit place mats

Country By Design place mat

This is the last project that I finished before I left for St. Louis.  This place mat, which is one of two, is made by knitting strips of fabric together, just like yarn.  The only difference is that I just tied on a new strip of fabric to the end of each previous strip and keep knitting, pulling the knots through so they are part of the design.  Each row is knit.  Here’s a close up.

You can see that each strip is about 1/4 to 3/8 inches wide.  I really like the fabrics that fray out and leave lots of strings.  Most of the fabric strips are muslin, flannel or homespun.

I don’t have my sewing machine, so I started another set of knitted place mats.  I’m going to just use off-white, red, and green in this next set.  I may tea-dye them, too.

I made an apple crisp earlier and have a meatloaf in the oven.  Now I just have to heat up some mashed potatoes and corn from the freezer.

I downloaded 105 images from my camera today, so you will see more of my St. Louis trip soon, especially from my afternoon at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.




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