Missin’ my critters

While I was in St. Louis, my main responsibility was to feed my daughter’s animals, three dogs and two cats.  They were great company and I miss their morning kisses already.  Well, from the dogs, anyway.  The cats were a bit more reserved!


Here’s a real sweetheart of the bunch.  She is allowed to get up on the couch and she uses the pillows just like a person would.  Too funny!  We spent most of our evenings like this.  They would play with their toys for a little while, then it was nap time until they went back outside.


Aspen didn’t give me many photo opportunities.  He is basically a shy kitty who likes to drink the water that is left around the drain in the tub after you turn off the faucet.


Macca liked to sit on the end of the sofa and watch TV, especially the baseball games.  He would come a sit in my lap occasionally.  He liked his water to come from a steady drip in the tub.  He would turn his head to the side so it could run into his mouth.

I didn’t get pics of the huskies.  They stayed outside most of the time.  It was nice the week I was there except for one rainy evening.  I didn’t have to worry about walking them, or being drug around by them, as the case might be.  Someone else did that.  I might be able to handle them one at a time.  Maybe next time!


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6 Responses to Missin’ my critters

  1. trailblazer1 says:

    Don’t yo have a critter at home? My daughter is leaving tomorrow for the East Coast and she already misses her Malamute, Koda. He will be lost without her – she has 2 boarders and neighbors who will play with him, plus I will go visit since I’m the one who found him at the shelter 8 years ago – he is still very much puppyish in nature. She lost her Husky a few months ago, she was injured and when my daughter went to check the wound, the dog bite her hand, hard and did not want to let go! The Vet said he would have her put down if it was his dog, trust is something that might not be there again. Very sad.

    Our dog, Max will be getting his stitches out this week after being mauled almost 3 weeks ago by that American Bull Dog down a few doors. I didn’t know that the American Bull Dog was half Pit Bull and before the name was changed it was the American Pit Bull Dog.

    • I do have critters at home, three dogs to be exact, but somehow it is different when they stay outside all the time. The two youngest ones did come up and check me out when I got home Saturday night. I guess I need to spend more time outside with them!

      So sorry about Max. That would be really hard to deal with. Thank goodness ours seem to rule the roost because they never come home with even a scratch.

      The critters were certainly happy to see “mom and dad” when they got home on Saturday. But I think it will be easier for them to take a few days off now and then since we all got along so well. And I enjoy being with them, too. They went to a big rescue place called “Muddy Paws” for a dog “sled” ( on wheels) ride to get their dog fix while they were gone!

      How long will your daughter be gone?

      • trailblazer1 says:

        Susanne will be away for ten days, coming back the day before her birthday – Nov.11. We are very close, about 12 minutes from her door to mine, which is great. She is going back to see all the relatives from my first marriage. Her dad was killed in a massive construction accident 25 years ago, so she likes to go back home – big Italian family back there. Here’s it’s just us. Enjoy your puppies.:)

        • It’s nice that she keeps in touch with her dad’s family. There is just something special about real family. I got to visit with some of my extended family in St. Louis while I was taking care of the dogs.
          They are only relatives by marriage, but I don’t have any blood relatives around here, except my kids.

          • trailblazer1 says:

            Muddy Paws here is a dog groomer – but yours sounds like much for fun. Hubby never had kids, his relatives are all in Washington and very rarely sees, or hears from them. I have a son and his family who live about 25 minutes from here but that relationship us sketchy most of the time. It’s pretty much just us and my daughter – who should be landing at JFK about now.

            Is that a Smiley Face in the middle of the very bottom of your blog below the thick black line? I tried to rub it off, but it’s not dirt on my puter.

            • They had a ball at Muddy Paws. I think they petting all 150 dogs!!

              I don’t have very much family, except for our children. A couple of cousins that I may see once a year. And my two brothers and one sister that I see once every year or two. So glad to hear that you are close to your daughter. Hope she has a great trip.

              Don’t know what the deal is with the Smiley Face.

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