Missouri Botanical Gardens, cont.

Here’s some more of the photos I took a week ago Tuesday at Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis.

Path in the Gardens

My daughter and granddaughters and the kids got ahead of me while I was taking pictures of something else.  I like this image a lot.

Another version of the same image from Missouri Botanical Gardens

Strolling through Missouri Botanical Gardens

I really like the lighting in this shot.  The beds on the left are ready for planting spring bulbs.  This is in the Japanese Garden.

We didn’t have the entire Gardens to ourselves, but there were places where we had the run of the place.

I still have a few more shots from the Gardens, but I will save them for tomorrow.


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2 Responses to Missouri Botanical Gardens, cont.

  1. trailblazer1 says:

    One could write two different stories – with the B&W and the color. Mood and focus so different. Nice.

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