Missouri Botanical Gardens, Part 3

It is cold, windy, and rainy here today, not at all like the weather we’ve had for the past several days.  Think I’ll try to post the last of my Botanical Gardens images.

Fish in pool in Japanese Garden

They sell fish food at the lake in the Japanese Garden so they guests can feed the fish.  The two boys were all over this activity.  There is a bridge across the lake so you can stand on the bridge and drop food down to the fish.  As you can see, they know how the game works.  Some of the fish were the typical orange color, but some were grey or yellow, or white, or like these, with patches of color.

Great grandson feeding the fish

Here’s my great grandson leaning through the rail of the bridge to feed the fish.

Two year old great grandson at Missouri Botanical Gardens

Missouri Botanical Gardens





Flower on vine at Missouri Botanical Gardens

Didn’t notice what this vine is, but the flowers are very unusual and unique.

Mums on display

These hanging baskets of mums are huge!  And beautiful!!  Lots of different colors.  I like these light lavender ones.   I want to go back to see the poinsettia display at the gardens.  I’ve seen it once, years ago.  It is amazing!


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