We’ve been to Florida!

Our daughter moved to Florida this year, so we went down to see her and her family.  Here are a few shots from our little vacation.

All three of us at the beach at Fort DeSoto

Paul on pier at Fort DeSoto

Sarah and Paul


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2 Responses to We’ve been to Florida!

  1. trailblazer1 says:

    Nice to see you and the family – are you moving anytime soon. That water looked tempting. I really don’t like the surf here in CA – too rough for me, CT had the sound and not much in the way of waves. Stay warm now that you are back.

    • We won’t be moving anytime soon, but we will go back to Florida again now that our daughter lives there. You would like the beach at Fort DeSoto. Beautiful white sand and very little surf.

      It has been really warm here the past couple of days. Cooler weather in the forecast later this week. What kind of weather do you have where you live?

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