Page oranges and other growing things

While we were in Florida last week, we visited an orange grove and picked some Page oranges.  I think the link will take you to the grove we visited.  Page oranges are very good.  Small and sweet!  We didn’t get to see them picking oranges, but we did get to watch the washing, waxing, and sorting process.

Page orange trees

We got to go out to the grove and pick our own oranges.  Would have enjoyed that activity more if we had remembered our bug spray and watched out for the fire ants.  It’s amazing how quickly a few insects can spoil your fun!

Page oranges

We sampled all of the varieties of citrus fruit that they had for sale that day, but I like the Page oranges best.  They are hard to peel because the peel is so thin, so it is best to cut them into pieces.

We were in central Florida, more or less half way between Orlando and Tampa.  As we drove around, we saw lots of citrus fruit groves, mostly oranges.  Looks like they will have a good crop this year.  We also saw some groves that had been abandoned with lots of dead trees.  Don’t know enough about growing oranges to know what was going on there.

We also saw lots of strawberry beds, big fields of them.  They were all planted on ridges that were covered with plastic, or something.  We also saw blueberries, and several other fields that we couldn’t identify, plus lots of tomatoes.

Tomato plants in central Florida

These tomato plants were loaded with green tomatoes.  You can see how sandy the soil is at the bottom of the photo.

I have some more photos from Florida, but I’ll save them for another day.  Think I’ll watch a little football now.


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