Quilting news from Country By Design

I’ve been gone about as much as I’ve been home recently, but I have been working on a couple of projects.

Country By Design duffel bag

This is the duffel bag that I made from the pattern and fabric that I picked up while I was in St. Louis.  I’m trying to decide if I want to expand my Country By Design line to include bags.  I made this one for myself.  It’s perfect for a weekend get-a-way.  I’m thinking about making bags with upcycled denim, maybe even with the seams to the outside so they can fray out like my other rag quilted items.  This one has a zippered pocket on the inside, but it wouldn’t have to have.  It opens with a long zipper.

I’m also trying to decide if I should make more Christmas items for my Etsy shop.  I may try to make a blue Christmas quilt next week.  I also need to finish this pink and grey baby quilt.

PInk and grey baby quilt

This baby quilt is going to be 9 squares by 12 squares with light pink batting and batting.  I have 8 rows stitched together so it won’t take long.  In cutting out the five inch squares, I ended up with lots of little 2 x 5 inch pieces.  Since I hate to throw anything away, I’m going to try to use them to make a garland.  I try to include a little something extra with my orders, especially custom orders.

I’m also working on another set of knit place mats.  Finished the first one last night.

Hand knit place mat

Hand knit place mat

I used strips of white and off-white fabric, as well as red and green homespun in this place mat.  Now I have to decide if I want to tea dye them.  I do like the random arrangement of the red and green fabrics.  The strips of fabric are knit just like yarn, except the strips are just tied together.  With the knots and ends left wherever they come up.  I do pull them through so that they aren’t caught in the stitches.

I started another place mat last night, but I’ve already found a mistake, so I may have to start over.  I keep my knitting on my dining room table so I can pick it up and do a row or two while I’m waiting for the water to boil, etc.

I still have some Florida photos that I want to share.  Need another cup of coffee first!



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7 Responses to Quilting news from Country By Design

  1. trailblazer1 says:

    Cute duffle bag – making one in camo material? You have been a speed demon with those flying fingers. Lucky if I can sew a button on. I bet some little girl would love a dress made to look like that place mat – gorgeous.

    • When I’m in a groove, I can get quite a bit done. I’ve discovered that I actually like having more than one project going at the same time. I may have to check into some camo fabric. Perhaps I could use some camo with the vintage denim.

      Leaving in just a few minutes to go to Branson for a couple of days. We will get to see about 6 Christmas shows. That should put me in the mood!

  2. Lauren Sanchez says:

    Hello!! I was googling pink and grey baby quilts and came across a picture of the quilt above. I have to say, I absolutely love this and haven’t found anything like it for sale. I also looked for your Etsy store and couldn’t find it. I was wondering if we could talk about you making one like this for me. Just get back to me when you have time! Thank you!!

    • I looked for pink and grey fabric last night, and I found several pieces that are similar to the ones I used in this quilt. Most of them were over $9.00 per yard, which is more than I usually pay. But I will order enough to make your quilt sometime this week.

    • Lauren, are you still interested in the pink and grey baby quilt? The fabric will cost me more than what I usually pay, but I’m still willing to make your quilt for $60. If that is more than you want to pay, I understand. Just let me know in the next couple of days, and I won’t order the fabric.

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