Jeans pocket purse, baby quilt, and garland

I have gotten a little quilting and sewing done with all my running around.  I had an order for a pink and grey baby quilt, so I have spent quite a bit of time on that.  The bigger quilts take a lot longer, partly just because you have to handle so much more fabric.  I do like the way it turned out.

pink and grey baby quilt

The backing and the batting are light pink flannel as well as the borders.  Makes a really comfy baby quilt.

pink and grey garland

I ended up with a lot of small pieces of fabric as I cut out the squares for the pink and grey quilt.  Since I hate to throw anything away, I saved all of them and used them to make this cute garland that I sent along with the quilt as a thank you gift.  I may have to make some more of these.  I’m may try the same technique to make a Christmas wreath.  I have lots of pine cones that I need to pick up anyway.

jeans pocket purse

I listed this jeans pocket purse on Etsy tonight.  There are lots of jeans pocket purses on Etsy, but as far as I can tell, this is the only one with a zipper.  I took time to rip the zipper out of the pair of jeans that I ripped the pockets off of.  I had to buy a new seam ripper!  I also made it more useful by stitching the inside seams around the outer edges of the pockets, extending up into the handles.  It has a lot more room than ones that are made by stitching the two pockets to each other.  I also carefully ripped off all the tags and restitched them to the pockets.  If it doesn’t sell, I’m going to use it as a Christmas gift.

Made another one of these bags tonight using a pair of Polo jeans pockets.  I’ll list them tomorrow.  And I have the pockets and tags ripped off another pair of jeans.  Have to go shopping in the morning, but I’ll be sewing tomorrow afternoon.

My turkey is still in the freezer, but I don’t have to cook it until Saturday.  Probably need to be getting it out anyway!


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