Country By Design duffel bag

I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with my blog recently.  I used to do it in the evening to wrap up my day, but lately my day has ended in my recliner watching TV!  I have been sewing and some quilting.  I now have 4 duffel bags, one tote, one make up case, one glasses case, 2 garlands, one quilt, 8 jeans pocket purses, and 3 cuffs listed on Etsy that I have made mostly or entirely from vintage denim and khaki pants that I had stashed away.  I’ve made a serious dent in my stash.

Duffel bag made using vintage fabrics

I listed this duffel bag today.  I like the way the stitching detail adds to the overall design.  Almost makes the khaki fabric look like leather.

I’m making duffel bags to give to all of my grandsons for Christmas this year.  I’m going to try to revise my pattern and make some smaller ones for the younger boys.  The ones I’ve made so far are 16 inches long and I want to try making some that are only 12 inches long.  I haven’t decided if they should be vintage denim or if I should use some different fabrics from my stash.

First I’m going to finish another garland.  I started making them just to use all the little strips of denim that I had left over, but I really like them.  I put one on top of the TV with candles and hung another one over a picture.  Super easy way to decorate!

I got out some of my Christmas decorations yesterday.  I put some snowmen on the kitchen windowsill, and put the nativity set in the living room.  I had forgotten that baby Jesus had gotten lost last year.  I thought He had just gotten put away with the toys, but He hasn’t shown up this year.  I had purchased the nativity set years ago for our first Christmas at Catholic Supply in St. Louis.  So I went to their website and was able to buy another baby Jesus just like the original.  While I was there, I added a set of sheep to the order.  I would like to add some of the shepherds, too.  Maybe next year!




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One Response to Country By Design duffel bag

  1. las artes says:

    I'm from the U.S. I love things made using old jeans! They are so durable and comfy, and have such a nice vintage look. I have a stack of jeans waiting to be made into a picnic blanket – but I will need a book of ideas for using all the denim leftovers! I like the teeny hearts with the rivet and Levis tag.

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